Dragon’s Tail Discussion & Education Groups

Dominant Round Table

A group for Tops/Dominants to gather together. Get to know each other, ask questions, bounce ideas to each other, or come up with new ideas to torture your bottoms. This is a monthly meeting.
A safe space for submissives to come together to get to know each other, ask questions, bounce ideas to each other, or come up with new way to please your Tops. This will be a monthly meeting.
Submissivies, Bottoms, little’s, switches (put your bottom hat on)
New monthly class. Lifestyle 101.
Welcome AngeliquEvolve to Dragon’s Tail as our Lifestyle 101 instructor.
This class will be held monthly free of charge.
If you choose to stay for the play party after you will need to be a member in good standing.
Whether you are new to the lifestyle or have been in it for years there will always be something to gain from the class.
Calling the Littles’ it’s your day!!
Members & Non-members welcomed, must be 18+ years of age.
Bring your coloring books and crayons with you for 2 hours of conversation and friendship. If you will need a snack, bring it along with some to share. Beverages will be provided, with a $5 donation that goes toward the utilities used during our time coloring and talking.
Please use your inside voices at all time as well as your please and thank you’s. Mommies and Daddies: if you feel your little will need more supervision (or you want to color, too), by all means, come along. We will not supervise or change those who come to color. Also, to respect Dragon’s Tail, No glitter or confetti allowed. We will be stopping a few minutes before we leave to make sure everything is cleaned up before we go home so if you are dropping off your little, middle or tween, please make sure to return to them promptly at 4pm.