Impact Class

The class that packs a wallop!

Learn how to perform impact scenes.

Flogging, spanking, & whipping.

Using different implements, learning the safe way to both give and receive the impact. Safety procedures, what not to do and how to enjoy the pleasure of impact.

Monthly Members Only Class


Impact Play is play where individuals purposely (with Negotiation & Consent) engage in activities that cause pain. Specifically, Impact Play is a category of pain play that most often includes repetitive hitting on specific areas of the body with an implement or hand.

Roles may vary from scene to scene, with different partners, or be fluid. Scenes may be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. Preferences will be different for each person, and can change even for individuals.

Above all, this play & all actions taking place during it are negotiated & consensual for all partners.

Basic Impact Play Terms

Top: the person doing the action/impact.
Bottom: the person receiving the action/impact.
Switch: a person who enjoys doing & receiving.
Masochist: a person who enjoys receiving consensual pain.
Sadist: a person who enjoys giving consensual pain.
Thuddy/Stingy: used to describe different types of impact pain & implements.
Warmup/cooldown: times at the beginning or end of a scene to acclimate the bottom to pain or bring them down from it.

Basic Impact Play Safety

Focus of fleshy body parts (butts, thighs, upper back).
* avoid lower back (kidneys), never hit joints or neck & be very careful with face & calves.
Negotiate for marks/bruises (if it’s okay to leave them & if yes, where).
Discuss implements beforehand.
*favorites, never tried, & hard limits.
*build up slowly & calibrate preferences/limits.
*how long will the scene last? pace accordingly!
*breaks after heavy hits or just lighter hits in between?