Living in Leather SD Chapter

We meet the fourth Thursday of the month via Zoom. 7-9 pm CST

Thank you for joining us in an exploration of leather and wanting to open your hearts, minds and souls to the possibilities and power of those who came before us.

The goal of this group is to be a group of friends bound by common agreements and commitments that provide accountability, guiding each other and having etiquette in the community. It’s about having dedication to integrity, your behavior and being of service to our community at large.

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What is leather? 

Leather is difficult to define because its dynamic, fluid and evolving. 

For me, Leather is who I am. BDSM is what I do.

For me, BDSM and Leather are a mindset, a community of like-minded people, an attitude, and a philosophy, as well as a whole range of fucking hot things to do that turn me on. 

I am free to design the territory of possibility, put up fences of consent and limits, and then play within the mutually agreed territory. That I respect the person I do this while freeing ourselves to have amazing relationship dynamics equally and honestly because that is what we chose with each other. With this freedom, we are able to decide what we want and who we want it with. 

Leather is a community, traditions, collective agreements, integrity and respect not allowing things within that would not serve us. 

Why am I leather? It’s the camaraderie of Leather, the strength of community, unity of out Leather brothers and sisters. It’s about etiquette, respect, integrity, honesty, and loyalty. I strive to live this everyday. It’s about creating rituals, styles and protocols and teaching traditions to keep Leather alive for future generations. 

It’s about interacting, finding connections and finding meaning. 

Leather allows the opportunity to grow what you already have in your heart. 

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For me, leather allowed me to connect with my community in the most personal way. I relate to leather. I was raised in it and continue to make those who named and covered me proud as I carry myself in a way that will continue to lead me on my leather journey. 

We should create rituals, styles, protocols, and traditions in our community. But, it begins with you individually. Imagine a world where those traits above honored and you will see a world vibrant. It starts with you. 

Leather is who I am. BDSM is what I do. Leather is in my heart. BDSM is what I do to my body and mind. 

Leather allows you the opportunity to grow and expand what you already have in your heart. Be eternally grateful for your growth, even the little steps. 

Growth is inevitable, so get comfortable being uncomfortable. What does it mean when you are uncomfortable in the growth process? It means you are learning. Don’t hide from it. 

Be steadfast but flexible.

Sir Lisa-Leather Daddy

Tampa Bay Phoenix Club

Hanky Code – Colors of leather and fetish

Have you ever wondered the meaning of the colors that many gays wear in cruising bars? In this article you will find all the answers!

The Hanky code (also known as handkerchief code or bandana code) is a color-coded system employed in the gay leather ad fetish community to indicate preferred sexual fetishes and roles.