Mini Dragon’s Littles’

Littles’ Craft & Discussion Group

Calling the Littles’ it’s your day!!

Members & Non-members welcomed, must be 18+ years of age.

Bring your coloring books and crayons with you for 2 hours of conversation and friendship. If you will need a snack, bring it along with some to share. Beverages will be provided.

Please use your inside voices at all time as well as your please and thank you’s. Mommies and Daddies: if you feel your little will need more supervision (or you want to color, too), by all means, come along. We will not supervise or change those who come to color. Also, to respect Dragon’s Tail, No glitter or confetti allowed. We will be stopping a few minutes before we leave to make sure everything is cleaned up before we go home so if you are dropping off your little, middle or tween, please make sure to return to them promptly at 5 pm.

Free to Members and Non Members

Can’t attend in Person? No problem we will be offering these via Zoom as well.

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Make sure you answer the questions when you join!

What is a Little?

At the most basic, a little is a person who regresses to an age that is less than their actual age. But being a little can be much more complicated than that, most individuals that identify as little crave to be care free, to be innocent, to be cared for. Little’s or age regressors are typically broken into several different groups, adult babies, littles and middles. Adult babies regress to an infant like age or state of mind, wear diapers and depend heavily on a caregiver. Littles regress to a young age usually 1-9 years of age. Some littles enjoy wearing diapers but not all. Littles also enjoy the toys and activities of children of the same age. Middles tend to regress to a bit older of an age, pre-teen to teenager and will indulge in activities more along those lines. The most important thing to remember when experiencing and learning about your little side is that you can be any way and any age you want to be, that is the best part of being little.

Urban Dictionary Definition

Types of Littles

The following is a very general and very basic list and explanation of different types of Littles!

ADULT BABY ~ An Adult Baby is a little with the youngest age regression. Think diapers, pacis and sippy bottles/cups, cribs and tons of stuffies!

BABYGIRL ~ A Babygirl doesn’t necessarily identity with a certain age. They are emotionally sensitive and child-like in life. Tend to be submissive. 

BRATS ~ A brat can be either submissive or a non-submissive. Some like to disobey to be tamed or just enjoy mild to extreme punishment. Whereas some just do not wish to submit or to be punished, just want their way. A brat can be in any age range!

LITTLES ~ Little is just a broad term for a wide age range! A term for someone who isn’t sure what their little age is, or just has a fluctuating age range!

MIDDLES ~ A middle is a general term of an older little. A bit older on the age scale, anywhere from 7 to the double digits. Generally more independent and enjoy cartoons, colouring and tons and tons of stuffies!

NYMPHETS ~ A middle who is generally bratty, promiscuous and sexually forward. 

PETS ~ This is a more broad range, including; kittens, bunnies, wolves, puppies, foxes and many, many more. Much like a kitten they can be any age range and enjoy being played with, pet and taken care of! Again, think collars, cute ears, tags, toys and tails!

KITTENS ~ A kitten is a more popular pet in DDLG. Enjoy being pet, played with and taken care of. A Kitten can be any age as well. Think cute little kitten ears, collars, tags, toys and tails!

IMPS~ An imp is similar to a pet, many of them enjoy being collared, played with and taken care of. What defines an imp is their mischievous ways (similar to a brat).

SWITCHES ~ A switch is someone who identifies as both a Little and a Caregiver. How often one goes into Caregiver or Little mode is dependent on the individual.

DOMINANT LITTLES ~ A dominant little is a little that “calls the shots” in a DD/LG relationship, they still like to be taken care of and need the same amount of nurturing and love as any other little.

SUBMISSIVES~ A submissive is a broad term that can encompass and be embodied by any little at any age. They enjoy being dominated and being taken care of.

Keep in mind these are all very general and very basic archetypes of different types of littles. You can be more than one type of little or maybe none of these of all!

What defines you being a little is not the terminology, just the fact that you are a little.

If you don’t feel as though you fit into any of these terms, do not fret!

If there are any missing Little Types, please feel free to message me and I will add it on!